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Our Services & Pricing

All client-approved patent projects are paid for on a flat fee basis, including:

  • Patent searches

  • Whitespace investigations

  • Provisional patent applications

  • Non-provisional patent applications

  • International (PCT) patent applications

  • Office action analysis and response

What to Expect

Our flat fee model covers:

  • An initial strategy meeting

  • Creation of shared strategy documents including a strategy matrix, tentative project timeline, and estimated patent budget

  • Updates to the strategy documents once per funding round

  • All administrative costs including information disclosure statements (IDSs)

For larger startups filing at least 5 patent applications annually, we recommend adding a strategic support package, which includes:​

  • Unlimited patent strategy consultation and advisory meetings

  • Communication of patent strategy with investors and other stakeholders

  • Internal invention mining sessions with your engineering team

We set our prices such that we can create high-quality early-stage patent portfolios for 60% less than typical big law rates and 40% less than typical boutique firms servicing venture-backed startups.

Patent-spend comparison between the Climate Patent Colelctive and other law firms
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